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Power Berries

*Dig in the mines to find 2 power berries.
*Behind the winter mine.
*Buy one for 5000 g. on the TV Shopping Network
*Fish one out of the ocean
*Get one for accumulating 1001 medal from the horse races
*Win the Swimming Festival
more that 90 flowers on your farm and Anna will stop by. Tell her she can have as many flowers as she wants and you will receive a power berry
*Toss food into the waterfall 5 times to receive a power berry
*Try to chop down the lone tree (not stump) on Mother's Hill, and then choose not to chop it down after it asks to receive one.


Plant flowers on your farm. When they bloom a bee will make a hive in your apple tree. You can collect honey from the hive. Show the honey to Louis to make the honey worth 60 g. instead of 50 g.


You can fish at any ocean festival and time won't pass. Also you can fish in the big pot at the Harvest Festival.

Legendary Fish
Can only catch after you have gotten the fishing pole.

*Angler: Fish in ocean in winter between 10 p.m.-8 a.m.
Carp: After you have gotten other five fish prints fish in the Mother's Hill Lake
*Catfish: Fish in the winter mine underground lake.
*Char: Fish in waterfall after you have the recipes for  Sashimi, Grilled Fish, and Sushi.
*Sea Bream: After selling 200 fish go fishing in the ocean in spring, fall, or winter.
*Squid: Fish in ocean during summer after throwing a small fish into ocean for bait.

Those are all I can remember right now. Feel free to send more to