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101 of the World's Funniest One

Chapter 2 (continued)

Karen was her name. She looked familiar to me. She walked toward us. I just stared. She looked angrily at Duke. She put her hand out, palm up. Duke reached into his pocket, and pulled a    couple of gold coins. He put the coins into her palm. "Thank you." she said. She "Uh… My name's… Uh… Jack!" I managed to say. I felt myself turning red. She giggled. "Nice to meet you." Karen said. "I guess you'll be a regular customer, right." I nodded. "Cool… Uh… I need to get back to work… so… see you." she left with that. I stared at the door she exited.
I heard Jeff chuckle. "So… You like my daughter?" he said. I paused before answering. Finally I nodded. "Well, she has a
unofficial boyfriend just so you know… but I don't  think that relationship is going to last very long." he winked at me. I quickly grabbed a bag of turnips, paid for them, and left.

Chapter 3

Every night I still cried about my grandfather, but I was happy here. I was earning a good amount of money. I was gaining friends. My life was looking up.
"Tomorrow's the Spring Goddess Festival. You can ask a girl to go with you if you want." Click! "Tomorrow will be a bright and sunny day. Perfect for the Spring Goddess Festival." Click! "Farmer Fran! Farmer Fran! How do I make jewelry? I want to impress a girl so she will go with me to the Spring Goddess Festival tomorrow." Click! I turned the TV off. All
four of my TV channels were all revolving around the  festival tomorrow. I was planning on asking Karen to go with me today, and I was very  nervous. I did my chores, picked some flowers, and walked into town. I saw Karen sitting outside her home/ the supermarket. She waved at me. I waved back. She signaled for me to sit next to her, so I did. Perfect, she is setting this whole thing up for me. I thought. "Hi Jack. How have you been?" Karen asked. "I've been doing great, how about you?" I replied. "I've been doing good." I pulled out the flowers, and gave them to Karen. "Oh Jack! They're beautiful! Thank you!" she exclaimed. "Uh… Would you, by any chance, like to go with me to the Spring Goddess Festival tomorrow?" I asked. She looked at me. "I'm sorry. I would go with you, but I've already promised somebody else." Karen replied. "I've got to get back to work." Karen said a couple minutes later.
The only thing that I liked about the festival was that I got to watch Karen dance. That was the only thing.

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