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101 of the World's Funniest One

Chapter 9

            For the next few weeks I didn't go into town. I barely even left my house. The only reason I did leave my house was to feed my animals. But even then, I only did that at late night or very early morning. Karen and I had obviously broken up. I was afraid that the relationship we used to have would never be back. My ex-fiancÚ, Crystal, had come into town. I had broken up with Crystal two years before I came to Mineral Village, but it didn't seem to matter to her. When she got to town, she came over and kissed me.
She kissed me, I didn't kiss her. She had purposely kissed me in front of Karen. It had ruined our relationship.
            Finally I decided to go see Crystal. She had been staying at the Inn, probably to try to further ruin my       relationship with Karen. I walked through the town. As I walked, I got stony or angry stares. Everybody in the village hated me now. I finally reached my destination. Before seeing Crystal, I would talk to Cliff, my best friend, or at least I hoped he was still my best friend. "What are
you doing here?" Doug asked as I entered the Inn. "I need to see Cliff," I paused for a second. " and Crystal." he narrowed his eyes at me. He looked like he was going to say something, but he stopped himself. "Fine. Go see them. You know the way." I walked up the stairs that led to the rooms. I knocked on the door that led to Cliff's room. Ann opened it. "What are you doing here?" she asked. I rolled my eyes. "I need to talk to Cliff. It's a life and death situation." I answered. "Whose?" she asked with an annoyed tone. "Mine." I said equally matching her tone. She let me in, and walked downstairs. Cliff glared at me. "Well?" he asked. "Cliff, I need your help." I said. "I need you to help me and Karen get back together." I ended up telling him the whole story.
            "Wow. Oh man. I'm really sorry." Cliff said "I had no idea." "It's okay." I said. It was finally time to go ahead with my plan. I gave Cliff the money, and sent him to the supermarket. Now it was time for the second part of my plan. I walked over to Crystal's room and knocked on her door.

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