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101 of the World's Funniest One

Chapter 13
Authors note: This chapter will be separated between the views of Jack and Karen. I'll also do a third-person section of it too.

Three months later


Today was a big day. It was the most busiest, and hectic day of my life. It was my wedding day. It was the day that Karen and I would be married. It was going to be a double wedding. Cliff and Ann would be getting married also. Cliff and I were getting ready in one of the church's back rooms. I couldn't believe that this day had finally come! I was so nervous! I knew Cliff was too. He was so nervous he shaking. He was shaking so much that he had hit his head. "So Cliff, how are you doing?" I asked jokingly. He hit his head again. "How does it look like I'm doing?" I laughed. Cliff and I looked at each other nervously. It was finally time to start the wedding.


I was so nervous. I couldn't believe I was actually getting married today! Ann and I were getting ready in one of the church's back rooms. It was a fairly small room, and with all the bridesmaids in the room it was a tight place. Bad time to be claustrophobic. Sadly enough, Ann
was claustrophobic. Adding that to her nervousness she was starting to freak. "Ann! Calm down! You're going to make me go insane!" I yelled. It didn't help. "Ann! Would you want Cliff to see you like this?!" she paused, "You wouldn't tell him, would you?" she asked. "Not if you stop, like NOW!" I said. She stopped. Everybody stopped. It seemed that time had stopped. It was time to start the wedding.

Jack and Cliff stood patiently at the alter as the bridesmaid walked up. Then the music began.
Karen took her father's arm, as did Ann. The music began. They started to walk up the aisle. When they reached the alter Jack and Cliff took Karen's and Ann's hands.
Authors note: I'm going to skip ahead here.

"I pronounce you husband and wife," Pastor Carter said. "You may now kiss the bride." Jack leaned forward and kissed Karen. Jack and Karen were finally married.
After the wedding they walked home hand in hand never to be separated again.

The End
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