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101 of the World's Funniest One

Chapter 2

The next morning I woke up to a rooster crow. I looked at my watch. It said 6:00 a.m. I about fell asleep again, but I heard a knock at my door. I got dressed and answered the door. It was the mayor. "What time do you wake up?" he chuckled at my remark. "I came here to give you a tour." he said. "Okay." I replied. We walked down the road that led into town. "This is the Blacksmith's Shop, go here to get your tools upgraded. They also have already finished tools here." The mayor said. "This is the AJA Winery, they sell wine here before 12:00 p.m." The mayor led me through the town. Finally the tour was over with. I got home and saw a gigantic man standing in front of my house. I stared at him. He was buff. He smiled. "I have that effect on all the newcomers." he said. "Hi, my name's Zach. I'm this town's shipper. I'll be shipping your crops. Just put the crops into this crate here. I'll also ship milk, cheese, wool, yarn balls, eggs, mayonnaise, and things from the mountain except for flowers." Zach said. I nodded. "I'll be here every night except for festivals. Even I deserve a break sometimes! Hahahaha… ha… Well, I'll be here tonight at 5:00 p.m." He walked off.
I sighed when I looked at my yard. It was a mess.
First of all… I thought. "CHESTER!!!" I yelled. My dog, Chester, came running. "Good boy." I said. I rubbed his belly for a    couple minutes before getting up. I had better go buy some crops. I walked over to the Supermarket. I walked inside. I saw the village doctor picking up a bag of flour. "Hey Jeff, put this on my tab, will you." Jeff, the store owner, nodded slowly. I heard a sound in the back room, the doctor must of heard it also because he rushed past me. Right as he shut the door the door across the room opened. "Jeff! You sold on credit again didn't you! That was the doctor right. He owes us 2,000 g. I'm going to get the money!" the woman who came out of the other door said. She brushed past me. Jeff sighed. The door behind me opened once again. Duke, the vineyard owner, stepped in. He grabbed a bottle of oil and told Jeff to put it n his tab. Before he walked out I stepped in front of him. He gave me a dirty look. "You should pay for that. It's wrong take advantage of someone like that.." yet another dirty look. "Duke!" someone yelled from be hind Duke. "Are you buying on credit again?" I got a glimpse of the source of the voice. She had brown hair with blond highlights. She was about my height. She had a purple vest and blue cut-off jean shorts. She was beautiful. "Shoot! It's Karen!" Duke said under his breath.
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