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101 of the World's Funniest One

Chapter 6

It was another great day. In fact, every day (ever since my date with Karen) was great. I was in love. I was really in love!
I pulled out my wallet, and looked at the picture of Karen inside. Sigh. She was so beautiful. My cash was coming in very quickly. I had over 3,000 g. I was planning on buying a larger rucksack today.
"Hey Jeff, how are you doing?" I asked. He brought his hand and indicated he was right in the middle. Not great, but not bad. "How are you doing?" Jeff asked. I indicated that I was doing better than great. "Is Karen here?" Jeff shook his head. "Nope, Rick wanted to talk to her about something." I decided to go search for her right after I bought the rucksack.
I searched for them everywhere. I couldn't find them.
The forest clearing! They could be there. I thought. I quietly ran through the forest. I found the clearing within a couple minutes. I couldn't see them, but I could hear them. "Karen, can't you forgive me?" Rick said. "I told you, Rick. I forgive you." Karen answered. "Then, why do you refuse to go out with me again?"
I heard Karen sigh. "Rick… I don't like you like that anymore." "You like someone else, don't you." a lucky guess from Rick. The silence from Karen told it all. "You do… Who is it?" another silence. "Let's see… Hmm… Gray is going out with Mary… The doctor is going out with Elli… Kai… is going out with… Popuri… and Cliff has something going on with Ann… that leaves only one person left. You like Jack…" Karen finally answered, "Yeah, I'm going
out with Jack. He's much more sweeter than you. He treats me right. He listens to me… something you never did. He's a much better boyfriend than you." I heard a someone move around. I guessed it was Rick. "Fine. You feel that way. I never liked you anyway." I heard Karen get up, and walk off. I walked off too.

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