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101 of the World's Funniest One

Chapter 7

            It was now summer. The long season of spring was over. I had 5,000 g., 3 chickens, 1 horse, 1 dog, and 6 fish. I also had a beautiful girlfriend of whom I loved. My life was great.
            I was outside working, but I felt like I was forgetting something. I looked next door and saw Rick in some swimming shorts.
Now I remember! The Swimming Race is today! I quickly put on my shorts and ran toward the beach. I was greeted by Karen when I got there. "Hey Jack!" she said. "Hi. Am I late?" "No, you're just in time." I nodded. "Okay, get ready for the race!" the mayor said. I started stretching. I looked around, I saw Gray, Jeff, Harris, the Doctor, and a person wearing a purple bandana getting ready for the race.
            Finally it was time to race. "Here are the rules: no grabbing, dunking, kicking, or hitting. The finish line is the rock that Rick is standing on." the mayor said. "Ready… Set… Go!" We all started swimming. The leaders were the man with the purple bandana and me. It was neck and neck between us. One second I was ahead, and then he was. He was starting to pull ahead! He was almost to the finish line now. With an extra boost of energy and speed I shot toward the finish line. I touched the line a second before the man. I almost collapsed afterwards. "The winner is… Jack!" Mayor Thomas said. He handed me some kind of apple. "This is a power berry. When you eat this it will permanently boost your energy. These are very rare, and should be sought after." I ate the 'power berry'. I felt suddenly energized.
            I walked over to Karen. "Hey! Congratulations!" she said. "You are the first one who's ever been able to beat Kai!" I looked at her with a bewildered expression. "The… first one?" she nodded. The guy with the purple bandana walked over to us. A joyful Popuri was hanging on his arm. "Hi, I'm Kai." he said. "Hi," I stuck out my hand, "I'm Jack." we shook hands. "How did you swim so fast? I was going as fast as I could!" Kai asked. I shrugged. "I swam a lot when I lived in the city." "Well, congratulations. You won fair and square." Afterwards we all went to the Inn for the summer party.
I had a
very good sleep that night.

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