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101 of the World's Funniest One

Chapter 10

Bang! Bang! Bang! I pounded on her door. "Crystal, I know you're in there!" I yelled, "Now let me in!" The door swung open. "What do you want?!" she hissed. "You know why I'm here." I said. "Oh! Are you still angry about that incident on the beach?" she said    innocently. I glared at her. "Do you have any idea what you have done?" "Well, I don't really care what I did, as long as I get paid--" she stopped herself. She realized she had told me way too much. "Paid?!" I screamed. "Who hired you?" She didn't answer.
After a couple minutes I cooled down. "Crystal… This isn't like you." I said calmly. "You aren't like this. You used to be nice and  caring." She looked away. "Please, stop." she said quietly. I didn't stop. "Something's happened to you, Crystal." I could tell she was about to break. "Crystal… Tell me what happened." she looked at me. She was starting to cry. "I… I mean…" she exploded with tears. I let her cry for a little bit. "My… My parents… They… D… Died… They Died in a car wreck… Both of them…" I felt really bad about causing her to cry, but I had to do it. "Crystal… I'm sorry…" I trailed off. "It… it's okay… you didn't know." she said. "Ever since they died, I've been having serious financial problems. For the last year I've been living on welfare… Finally
he came along,  he offered me a 'job'. He asked me to come here, and ruin your relationship. He said he would pay me very generously… he did… but now I feel horrible... Jack, will you ever forgive me?" she asked. I nodded slowly. "Crystal, I really need to know who did this." "I… I can't." "Crystal… Please…" she looked at the floor. "I… I… Okay… I'll tell you… It was the man named Ri--" we were interrupted by a knock at the door. I heard a muffled voice outside the door say, "I've come to collect the… uh... 'rent'." I left without saying goodbye. I knew who hired her.

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